What we do...

Algo Trigger provides automated Trading bots that will place all trade entries without any manual intervention in your own Trading Account based on inbuilt strategies.

Trading strategies built on statistical and mathematical models have historically offered higher returns than their benchmarks and mutual funds.

We at Algotrigger built mathematical & statistical models that can provide superior returns and we completely automated it, so the system will place entry, stop loss & targets automatically based on the strategy.


Trading Bots

We rely heavily on data intelligence and machine learning to constantly find patterns and algorithms that gives us an edge against the market. Algotrigger provides automated trading bots based on quantitative trading strategies which automatically places trades in your Trading account at a click of a button. All it takes is few seconds of your day.


Time Is Money

Let the Algo analyze the markets. and place trades for you



Fixed Minimal cost. No expense ratios or hidden fees


Risk Management

Algo Trigger has in built risk management that protects your capital


Beat the Market

Once a customer has sufficient funds to invest, Algo Trigger proprietary algo would predict when to trade/invest in Markets. Not much manual intervention required from the customer, they can continue with the day job or business while our Algo would take care of their investments.

Customers receive the benefits of Algorithm trading while maintaining control of costs, increased security, and complete transparency


Remove Emotions from your trade plan

The brightest minds excel even in the toughest exams - so do our robots. Our robots stick to a Systematic trading plan and countinue detecting winning opportunities even in a downturn.


See why technology is better than people when it comes to investing

Way better think of the exclusion of human emotional bias, not missing a golden opportunity and ability to analyse huge amounts of data - yep, that’s our technology and it will only get even better with time.


Talk to our experts

While advanced technology is the driving force behind our robots, people and a human touch remain the core of our company, and the answer to any questions you may have

Algo Merchant

Algo Strategy Market Place


Trading account

Our trading bots work with your existing trading account, it works with Aliceblue, Angel broking, Fyers


Open Account

Open account online instantly with these brokers. Please feel free to contact us for any support.


Algo Trading

Our algorithm will be mapped to your account, whenever algotrigger an order it will be replicated in your account automatically


Sit Back & Relax

No manual intervention required from your side. You can just relax and keep track of your account on daily basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Algo trading is machine trading which involves minimum human interference. Algo trading uses computer programs with pre-defined parameters to trade at a speed which is impossible for a normal human to trade.
Algo Trigger is a tool to automate your trading, also known as algorithmic trading. It’s a automated platform which doesn’t require any software, any data feeds or to run your laptop whole day. Just your mobile is enough to get access, all you need is to login to Algo Trigger from your mobile or laptop (before 8.45am IST) and update your Capital/Risk.After that you just need to activate the Start Trading button, that’s it, Algo Trigger will automatically place the Entry, Target and Stop Loss orders for you automatically
No, you will never be asked to deposit funds for actual trading with Algo Trigger, as we are not a broker.
Yes, our platform places entry orders and stop loss orders/target orders automatically as per the strategy. No manual intervention required.
Auto squaring of intraday positions by broker incur charges to subscriber. Thus, Algo Trigger comes with a feature wherein all open positions are squared off @3.10pm. This ensures a peace of mind for intraday players, that no open position goes to auto square off whereby saving money for subscriber.
No, not required. Once you login to the Algo Trigger platform and updated your Capital/Risk, its done. System records it. You don’t need to maintain any server or download any software, or keep laptop open.
No, please note that Algo trading makes the execution easier, it doesn’t guarantee profits. Just like any trading system, these trading bots also goes through streaks of losses. So we should focus only on Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly period about the performance.
Yes, you can login to your trading account and check the trades on real time.
Even with Rs.25,000 one can trade using our bots.
Yes, our platform doesn’t require you to sit in front of the system all the time, you just need to login to our platform once in the morning before market opens and update your capital, that’s all. You can carry on with your work, our automated bot will take care of all order placement by itself.
Yes, in our algo dashboard we have orders tab, clicking that tab would show you list of orders triggered from each bot. Also, each trade has an exit (X) button, you may use this to exit your trade manually during live market. However, if you wish to stop the Algo Trigger anytime during the day, you can do the so by clicking the EXIT ALL button it would close all your open intraday position with a single click.
Algo Trigger subscriptions charges are non-refundable. However, if the subscriber wishes to upgrade the plan (migration to a longer-term plan), the charges already taken shall be adjusted & subscriber is needed to pay differential amount.
It’s encouraging to know that you wish to trade in live market with your own strategy. If you have a logic, we can help you to get it coded and convert it in to an Algo bot at a very competitive rate. Please get in touch with our support team for further discussion & information.

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